JULLY (Classic-diamond)

Product Characteristics

  • Diamond coating is non-stick coating material included nano diamond crystals, which is the strongest material in the nature, not harmful to human body and eco-friendly. It also provides better heat conductivity and durability, while protecting against scratches and abrasions.
  • Pattern design is very fantastic sense for the strong coating on cooking surface.
  • Easy to wash and clean, due to non-stick Diamond coating (Absolutely no PFOA emission and no harmful ingredients.)
  • Coating made from environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials.

Product Specifications

  • Body : Die-casting Aluminum, Inside-Diamond coating & Outside-Heat resistant paint Color
  • Handle: Bakelite COLOR handle
  • Packing : Both side color sleeve & poly bag per item, Standard export carton (normally 10pcs/CTN)
  • (Optional - IH Available with Thermal spray process or Stainless steel disc bonded bottom.)
Item Item No. Dia. x Height(cm) CTN size(cm) / q'ty in carton
Frying pan A0FDP-20-A07 20x4.5 cm 47.5x28.5x21.5 cm / 10pcs
A0FDP-24-A07 24x4.5 cm 55.0x30.5x21.0cm / 10pcs
A0FDP-26-A07 26x5.5 cm 58.5x34.0x22.5 cm / 10pcs
A0FDP-28-A07 28x5.5 cm 63.0x35.0x23.0cm / 10pcs
A0FDP-30-A07 30x6.0 cm 66.0x36.0x23.5 cm / 10pcs
A0FDP-32-A07 32x6.0 cm 70.5x39.0x24.0 cm / 10pcs
Wok A0WDP-22-A07 22x6.8 cm 51.5 x31.0x24.5cm / 10pcs
A0WDP-24-A07 24x6.8 cm 55.0x30.5x22.0 cm / 10pcs
A0WDP-26-A07 26x8.0 cm 57.0x34.5x24.5 cm / 10pcs
A0WDP-28-A07 28x8.0 cm 61.0x36.0x24.0 cm / 10pcs
A0WDP-30-A07 30x9.0 cm 67.0x38.0x24.5 cm / 10pcs
Square pan A0QDP-19-A07 19x14x3.2 cm 39.0x33.5x39.5 cm / 20pcs
AOFSQ-DP-21-J 21x19x3.5 cm 43.0x42.5x39.5 cm / 20pcs