Arc thermal sprayed Induction base

Left : Arc thermal spray applied, Right : normal bottom

Features & Benefits

  • 1.  Big difference between our ‘Thermal sprayed IH bottom’ & ‘Pressed IH bottom’ is their appearance. You will see stainless steel disc with aluminum exposed holes on ‘disc-pressed bottom’, whereas ‘thermal sprayed bottom’ is covered by coating or paint as well as on the wall outside.
  • 2.  Thermal sprayed bottom comparing to pressed IH bottom is it heats up on entire bottom, pressed bottom heats up on only stainless steel disc with holes. Thermal sprayed bottom has better heat efficiency.
  • 3.  In addition to the explanation No. 2, The water is rapidly boiled because the heating power(output) per unit area is larger compared with normal AL pressed bottom. (As a result of testing, reaching time until heated up to 98C : Pressed IH bottom - 405sec. Thermal sprayed bottom - 230sec.)
  • 4.  It can be applied onto almost all kinds of bottom designs without any change.
  • 5.  Easy to wash and clean due to absolutely no exposure of stainless steel & aluminum. It does not give any damage onto ceramic board on the top of induction range.
  • 6.  In case of pressed IH bottom, stainless steel disc & body could be separated during cooking. In case of thermal spray, as the melted metal is completely combined with the parent material water cannot penetrates and no gap will be generated.

Heating temperature & Maximum output Test
for Pressed IH bottom & IH Thermal Spraved bottom

  • <Pressed IH bottom>
    • Temperature measurement

    • Output measurement
      Output : 851w

  • <I.H Thermal Spraved bottom>
    • Temperature measurement

    • Output measurement
      Output : 1,247w

  • <Temperature changes on Pressed IH bottom and IH Thermal Sprayed bottom>