Gravity casting cookware (Hand cast)

Gravity casting cookware

Gravity casting process is the way of pouring molten aluminum into mold by hand (Traditional casting ) compare to die-casting process by machine.
This casting process is difficult to produce in large q’ty & required both advanced technology & craftsmanship.

Benefits of our Gravity casting cookware

  • ▪ Slow cooling time by gravity casting process forms uniformly molecular structure of aluminum that makes heat distributed evenly so any of hot spot which causes food stuck & burnt will not be occurred while cooking.
    • Gravity casting
      (Even heat temperature)

    • Die casting
      (Hot spot occured)

    • Gravity Casting AL
      No burning mark after 10min.

    • Die casting AL
      Smoked & Burned after 5~6min.

  • ▪ High density & purity of gravity casting Aluminum itself makes heat distribution faster compared to normal die casting cookware.
    • Gravity casting
      (uniformly structured molecular base makes heat distribution faster)

    • Die-casting
      (impurities (black dots) interefere heat distribution.)

  • ▪ Patent issued permanent stainless steel induction bottom bonding process (Patent No. 0512891).
  • ▪ Smooth surface by CNC machining.
  • ▪ ‘BLACK STONE coating’ which was developed for our gravity casting cookware combines durability of ceramic coating & long lasting non-stick feature of PTFE coating.