Cast iron Wok


Product Characteristics

Gravity casting cookware : 
Cast Iron caldron has been a must-have item in the kitchen in Korea for over hundreds years due to strong feature & its long life span. It is also known that cast iron increases iron content of food while cooking, which will be good for whoever needs to have increased iron needs.
Cast Iron is the most friendly cookware to human.
Since Cast Iron itself is one of the oldest materials used for cookware & still considered  to be one of the best.
Food cooked in cast iron cookware is traditionally considered as mother’s food & you can actually boost your iron intake from eating  the food. This vital mineral is crucial for maintaining energy levels, and it helps strengthen immune systems.



Hand made!
Gravity casting process which forms cookware body is known as hand cast as well since it should be made by hand even now.
Seasoning is no necessary!
Cast iron body is normally get rust without seasoning. However Chefway cast iron cookware does not need seasoning at all due to germany made coating on it.
Cast iron cookware which is currently using features no non-stick & it takes time to have non-stick during seasoning. However, Chefway cast iron cookware has excellent non-stick even first time of using because of germany made coating.
Cast iron is one of strongest material for cookware & Chefway cast iron cookware is nearly indestructible. Also it will be already ‘seasoned’ during cooking with coating. So, it can be used in long lifespan after coating is worn out.
Elegant design!
European design with beautiful black smooth surface.


Product Specifications

Spec. : (IH Available.)
    Body : Cast Iron with PTFE based coating both inside & outside
    Coating : Inside & Outside - German made GREBLON coating
    Seasoning is no necessary since the product is with coating. Even if the coating is worn off eventually, 
    you can keep using the product without seasoning because it has been already seasoned.
    Handle  : Wooden handle
    Packing : 4-color individual box per item,k 8-10 individual boxes in a master carton
                   (Packing is subject to change according to customer's request.) 
ITEMChefway cast iron Wok
Cast iron thickness 3.5mm
Refined Wood+Stainless steel
GREBLON coating made in Germany
30 / 32CM
LIQUID VOLUME :  for  3~4 persons
Availble cooking appliances : All kinds
(gas, electric & induction stove etc.)
-Handle is firmly attached with Wok body to avoid any detachment by rivetting welding.
-Wooden handle will stay cool while cooking.
-Smoothen & durable Greblon coating made in Germany. - It makes differences from normal cast iron Wok.


ITEM No.Dia. X Height (cm)PriceCTN size(mm) / q'ty in ctn
IOW-3030 x 8.5 TBD
IOW-3232 x 9.0 TBD